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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before calling Après?

Please be prepared to let us know how you heard about Après so that we can connect you with the appropriate event specialist.  We do this for several reasons, most importantly, to give you the best service.  For example, if you are having your wedding reception at a local venue, let us know so that we can ensure that you work with the event specialist who works with that space regularily.  After all, it is your wedding, and you want the best of the best, which includes expert advice!   Once you are connected with the appropriate event specialist, please be prepared to provide some information about your event.  When is it?  What do you need from Après?  Where is your event being held?

How far in advance should I begin planning and reserving rentals for my event?

Après has no specific requirement; however, once you have chosen a date and know what you need, do not hesitate to call us and make a reservation.  During the summer months, we often run out of staff and equipment. Since we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, we encourage you to reserve your rentals as early as possible.  For weddings and large annual events, depending on the time of year – we suggest booking four months to one year in advance.  Smaller events can usually be accommodated with much shorter notice.  Remember, everything is always pending availability as we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Do you have a minimum order?

For Will Call orders, we do not have a minimum. If you are requesting delivery, please reference our delivery minimums here.  If you are having an intimate dinner party for six and need six wine glasses, we are happy to help.  However, there are a few specific item minimums to keep in mind: 

  • China and Flatware - sealed and table-ready in packages of 5.
  • Glassware - rented by the crate (9-36/crate) 

We are glad to help in any way that Après is needed for your event.


What does "per crate" mean?

Our glassware is rented by the crate.  That means if you need 143 wine glasses listed as "25 glasses per crate," you must order 150.

What size linen do I need for my table?
Please view our Linen Size Chart to discover the linen sizes we recommend for your desired look.

I want to see your linens but am unable to visit your showroom before my event. Can I get samples?
Yes.  We are more than happy to mail you sample swatches of our linens!  Please let your event specialist know which linens you would like swatches of, along with your address, and we will mail them to you.
Is delivery and set up / tear down available?

Absolutely.  We specialize in delivery and setup, ensuring your items are delivered precisely how you want them. Please check with us regarding delivery and set up / tear down fees.  These rates are quoted as a round-trip (one-way also available) fee and based on the time, date, and location of your delivery address.  Our standard rates apply during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5PM).  Deliveries or pick-ups scheduled outside these hours are available at an additional cost.  Whether you would like us to just “drop off” the items or set up the tent, tables, chairs, and linens – we can accommodate your needs.

How do I know what time my order will be delivered?

The majority of our orders are delivered between 9am-5pm.  During our peak times (May-October), deliveries may occur after 5pm. If there are any timing parameters that we need to work around, please go over those with your event specialist when placing your order, and we will do our best to accommodate.  For example, if your order is being delivered to a venue that is only staffed and open from 10 am – 1 pm, we will need to know that information to route your delivery accordingly.  For all timing requests, a minimum of a two-hour window is required.  Although we strive to honor all timing requests, sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur, such as weather, traffic, and other deliveries that may cause delays in your delivery.  All of our routes are scheduled one business day prior to the out date on your rental agreement.  If you need more specific information about your delivery, please contact our dispatch department at 952.942.3399 the day prior to your scheduled delivery.

Do I need to be present when Après delivers or picks up equipment?

As long as we have gone over all of the details prior to installing, you do not need to be present.  If you are not present, please make sure we have a phone number to reach you should our delivery crew have questions. To ensure that we are all on the same page, it helps to review the diagram with your event specialist that will be passed on to our delivery staff.  If you know where you’d like the tent to go, use flags, soup cans, or other markers as guidelines to mark out the corners.  Please remember, if you're renting a tent, you are responsible for having any private utilities (i.e. sprinkler systems, low voltage lines, natural gas lines, invisible fences, etc) marked prior to the installation, and it is suggested that you are present to point out these areas so that our stakes do not damage any of these utilities. 

My event is on a Saturday, but I’d like to have the items delivered on Friday. Will this add to my rental cost?

For weekend events, we will gladly deliver on Thursday or Friday and pick up on Monday or Tuesday.  The prices we publish include a 1-3 day rental.  However, we do make exceptions for events out of the area, as well as for accommodating your—and sometimes our delivery staff’s—schedules. Anything rented longer than one week or used for more than one event requires a 1.5x or larger rental fee. Please inquire with your event specialist for specific pricing. 

My event is outside of the Twin Cities metro area. Can you ship rental items to me?

We do not ship rental items.  We offer deliveries outside our standard delivery area and charge delivery fees according to the distance and quantity of equipment rented. Please inquire with your event specialist for specific pricing. 

I am ready to make my reservation. How do I go about placing my order?
There are two ways to place an order. You may call our office at 952.942.3399 and speak with an event specialist or create an online quote request on our website. Your event specialist will check availability, review pricing, and answer any questions you may have.  If everything is available, we will email you a rental agreement that requires your signature, as well as a 50% deposit. Please note that you may make changes after a rental agreement has been signed and a deposit is given as long as it's not within 7 days of prior to out date on the rental agreement. 
How do you handle payment?
Unless you are a customer with pre-approved credit, a 50% deposit is required to reserve any rental items. Final revisions and balance of payment must be made at least 7 days prior to the out date of this contract. Reductions to your order total within 7 days of the out date will not be refunded. We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). Payments made via American Express will incur a 3.5% surcharge.  If you pay the deposit with a credit card, we will automatically process the remaining balance on the same card unless you note otherwise. If you have a gift certificate, this must be received by our billing department prior to your event to be applied. 
Are there any additional charges that I may incur?

You may be charged a hauling fee if your delivery site does not grant direct access or requires that our staff take an excessive route upon delivery.  In addition, upon pick up, if our equipment is not found in the same manner that it was delivered, you may incur a labor charge.  For example, if you order 100 chairs and did not pay for labor to have our delivery staff set up and tear them down, just as they were delivered, they need to be bagged and on pallets upon pick up.  If there are any missing, broken, or damaged items, you may incur charges for these items as stated in our rental agreement. 

Can I make any changes to my reservation?

Absolutely! Final changes must be made at least 7 days prior to the out date of your order. For example, if you invite 200 people to your wedding, you may initially reserve 200 napkins and reduce them once you receive your RSVP’s. Reducing quantities by 20% or more will result in the following fees: More than 60 days prior to the out date-forfeit 25% of all rentals. Within 60 days of the out date - forfeit 50% of all rentals. Within 7 days of the out date- forfeit 100% of the order total. CUSTOM / SUBRENTED ITEMS CANNOT BE CANCELED OR REDUCED ONCE THE ORDER IS PLACED.

How do you handle last-minute changes (within 7 days of delivery)?

Please note that on most of our deliveries, we load trucks days in advance and often leave early in the morning before our showroom opens. Equipment canceled or reduced from your order within 7 days prior to delivery will not be refunded. Equipment added to your order on the same day of your event may require an additional one-way delivery fee, or you are welcome to come and pick up the item from our location if the items are available. Keep in mind that our trucks are often out making numerous deliveries in a day. If you ordered an afternoon delivery, the truck may have left by 8:00 in the morning, which is why we try to handle changes to orders in advance. 

In case of emergency – how do I contact someone outside of business hours?

We have a 24-hour emergency answering service. Call 952.903.4255 and wait for our on-call staff member to call you back and promptly help “put out the fire.” 

Do I have to wash the dishes and glasses after our party?

We only ask that you rinse them – and that dishes are free of all food (scraped). If items are returned that have not been scraped, additional fees will be added. Also, please put them back in the crates or boxes in which they were delivered, including putting glassware upside down into the glassware crates.  

What happens if we break any glasses? Or minor stains on the linens?

Our Accidental Damage Waiver protects customers against accidental damage to rental equipment and minor stains to linens. If you choose to decline the Accidental Damage Waiver, you are responsibile for any damages, regardless of the cause. For more information, please review the conditions of rental page of your rental agreement. 

How do I know if the tent I have chosen will fit in my space?

We have a variety of sizes in our inventory – and, more than likely, several options that will accommodate your needs.  Our event specialists do a great job of calculating the size of the tent you will need based on the number of guests you are expecting, as well as what you’d like to have covered by the tent.  We can also create a CAD diagram (floor plan) for your event to help you visualize during the planning process.  A great rule of thumb : A 60-inch round table seats eight to ten people and requires ten square feet (with enough space for people to move around). 

How will I know what tent size to order?

The first thing we suggest is for you to measure the area where you plan to put the tent.  If we are staking the tent, depending on the type of tent we are using, you will need between 2' and 6' on all 4 sides of the tent for stakes. For example, if you are renting a 20’ x 40’ frame tent, you will need an area that is at least 24’x44’.  If you are renting a 40' x 60' century tent, you will have an area that is at least 52'x72'. If you have questions or concerns about height obstructions or landscaping (patios, trees, decks, etc.), please feel free to call and ask your event specialist.  A site check may be required by Après prior to installing the tent. 

What is the difference between a tent and a canopy?

The sidewalls! A canopy is technically just the top of the tent. For example, our lightweight all-purpose canopy is intended for customer installation and does not have the option to include sidewalls. All of our other tent options do have that option available. Please remember to specify if you want sidewalls, as they are not included in the price of the tent. 

Should I rent sidewalls in case it rains?

We do suggest that you reserve them “just in case.” However, remember the benefits of sidewall… Could it be chilly and/or breezy? Do you need privacy – or do you have a neighbor who may not like the noise? Or maybe you have an unattractive view that you’d like to block out? If you choose to order sidewalls, it is our recommendation to have our delivery staff install them – and then you can take it down or “pull it back” if needed (it is much easier to take down than to put up)! 

When should I have my lawn cut before my party?

Make sure you do not have your grass cut any less than two days before your tent installation. If we are staking the tent, we need to have Gopher State One come out and mark all of the public utility lines, and those lines need to be visible to our delivery staff during installation. Also, it is best to leave your grass a little longer; grass wears better when it is longer. 

Can you put tents on concrete, decks, and other hard surfaces?

Yes! Clearspan and Frame tents are perfect for such installations, and they will need to be weighted. However, this is not an option for our lightweight canopy, rope and pole or century tents – they need to be staked. If you have specific questions about an area that you are unsure of, please feel free to discuss this with your event specialist. 

What is your rain policy?

Per our rental terms, canceling your order or reducing quantities by 20% or more will result in the following fees: More than 60 days prior to the out date-forfeit 25% of all rentals. Within 60 days of the out date - forfeit 50% of all rentals. Within 7 days of the out date- forfeit 100% of the order total. CUSTOM / SUBRENTED ITEMS CANNOT BE CANCELED OR REDUCED ONCE THE ORDER IS PLACED.


I'm having trouble electronically signing the Sign & Rent document to confirm my order. Can you help?
Of course! Here is a link to our Sign & Rent Help page with instructions.