s Après Event Décor and Tent Rental - Sign and Rent Help

Sign and Rent Help

Step One: Click on the blue hyperlink BELOW the Apres email signature (see below). 

Step Two: Initial in the two yellow boxes on the first page of the ticket to confirm Timing and Dates (see below).

Step Three: Print your name, sign and enter today's date at the bottom of the same page (see below).  

Step Four: Initial in the yellow box at the very bottom of the Conditions of Rental page (see below).

Step Five: Complete the credit card authorization page (if you are not set up as an AR Customer).  Enter your name, the amount to charge, the required credit card information as well as signing and dating for the charges before hitting the "Submit Document" button at the bottom (see below).

UH OH #1!   If you missed a step - you will see an error message like the below indicating which step(s) you may have missed.  This is your opportunity to go back and complete the missing required fields. 

UH OH #2!  If your credit card information was entered incorrectly or declined, you will see an error message like the below, and you will have the opportunity to re-enter your credit card information by clicking on the blue hyperlink to attempt again.